Monday, November 26, 2012

5K training

Before I ran the Wicked 10K, I registered for a 5K in December. Now I have a plan to help me get ready for my fourth race (third 5K). I am determined to have a good race and improve from my last 5K in May.

Mondays: Strength training (sometimes with cardio)
Tuesday: 1-hour spin class
Wednesday: 3-mile race pace run (ugh, not my favorite)
Thursday: Strength training plus V02 max training. V02 max training is basically high intensity interval workouts that help expand your cardio capacity. It should leave spent at the end of it. (Also not my favorite.) It usually involves jumping jacks, rowing machine, running sprints, burpees, etc.
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Speed work
Sunday: Longer runs (starting at 4.5 miles and topping out at 6.5 miles before the 5K)

Yoga as I can fit it in and the rest day gets changed some to fit my schedule!

What is your favorite workout?

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