Friday, November 23, 2012

Race recap: Stupid running

Me quite wind-blown post race.
I ran the Wicked 10K that I have training for since August. It was my first race that longer than a 5K.

I hear there is such a thing as having a good race or having a bad race. My first two 5Ks went relatively well... I finished them and my time improved pretty dramatically. This 10K was not like my previous two races. Let's just say I was asking my husband after the race why I actually paid to do that to myself. I definitely didn't feel like a runner afterward.

My goal was 1 hour and 15 was a little ambitious for me. I am not speedy runner, but I thought I could do it and maybe even be a little faster than that. Well, I didn't reach that goal. My time ended up being 1:21:55.

There were several things working against me:

Weather: I was worried about it raining, but we were actually spared a drenching. Hurricane Sandy was heading right toward us on the coast of Virginia. The one thing I didn't think about was how wind could affect my race. The 10K was at the oceanfront at Virginia Beach. The beach is already a windy place to be, but add Sandy to the mix and the winds were approaching 20 mph. Running into the wind was not fun. A few times I felt like I was running in place! The craziest thing was in between the hotels or on the boardwalk I felt my feet being pushed by the wind. And the stupid wind blew off my hat!!

Nerves: I was so nervous and I am not really sure why. I have run over a mile longer than the distance of the 6.2-mile race. But I couldn't stand still while waiting in my corral at the start line and my stomach was doing summersaults.

My medal!
My body: I was determined to not be dehydrated and to make sure I had enough water. Well, I think I had enough to drink. I had to waste about five minutes waiting in line for a port-a-potty between the 1-mile and 2-mile markers. That was a frustrating delay, but I did feel better afterward. But that feeling only lasted until about mile 4.5 to 5. The side stitch of all side stitches arrived. I tried to run through it, but it would not go away. The pain became so severe at the end that I ended up walking over the finish line.

Positives: I finished! I did complete the race. A year and 58 pounds ago I never thought I would be running a race let alone a 6.2 mile race. I did actually run most of it even when you count the walking I had to do toward the end of it. And I got race bling... my first medal!! Actually, my first medal for any athletic achievement.

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