Sunday, April 22, 2012

The right stuff

When it comes to running - or working out - having the right "stuff" is very important. (And yes, I meant to get a New Kids on the Block reference in there!)

Shoes are probably the most important, but having the wrong clothing can be quite annoying.

As I have lost weight and started running, I have picked up some new workout capris that are more fitted and a few new tops. The bottoms I have gotten have turned out great... no problems there. The tops, on the other hand have given me some issues.

Some tank tops slide after I get hot and sweaty. One in particular, I was quite excited about. It was cute (light blue bubble tank top) and easy on the wallet (under $20).

Then, I ran intervals in my new top. Every time I ran, up rode the top and I would have to pull it down every time I walked. It got quite annoying after 30 minutes of that. I decided try out the top in Zumba and then Turbokick. Unfortunately, jumping of any kind produced the same results.

I guess that shirt is resigned to the elliptical machine and other tame workouts. Sigh.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Welcome to my new blog! My hope is to discuss running tips, struggles and life as it happens.

I have never been a runner. I dreaded P.E. growing up and was that kid picked last for teams. One thing I don't come to naturally - among many things - is athletic ability.

My weight has fluctuated over the years and my husband I decided to start getting healthy in August 2011. It has been a struggle, but I have lost more than 40 pounds now and am just shy of reaching my goal weight.

Training and running races has become a major motivator for my husband. I decided, despite my distaste for running, to give it a try. Around Thanksgiving, I ran an informal Turkey Trot 5K. Finish time was 43ish minutes. Next was the Cupid Crawl in February. Finish time of 39:47!! A good improvement and no actual training beyond my normal workouts.

This time, I have a training regimen. On May 19 I will be running the Bright Night 5K. My hope is to improve my time to around 35 minutes. Week two of training and so far, so good!