Thursday, September 27, 2012

Back in the game

I am happy to be done running!!
Stitches are out and I am off the injured/reserve list!! I ran 3 miles Tuesday and 4 miles Wednesday. I definitely wasn't speedy, but I did it!

I struggled a little bit...more than I thought after being sidelined for a week and a half. My cardio capacity was fine, but my legs were tired and knees ached. I think my legs just aren't used to running and I have lost my comfortable running pace. I had gotten used to doing a sort of running shuffle that took some of the pressure off my knees and didn't use my calves as much.

Rest tomorrow and running 6 miles on Saturday. I have to keep preparing for my 10K on Oct. 27!!! My husband is running 17.5 (holy crap!) on Saturday in preparation for a November marathon... I think we will both have earned a relaxing Saturday!! :o)

Beth :o)

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