Tuesday, May 8, 2012

To drink or not to drink

I hate working out sans water especially as the summer heat approaches. Recently, I complained about running for an hour in about 80 degree weather without water. My husband then picked out for me a spiffy water belt. It comes equipped with a bottle, holster for said bottle and a zipper pocket (for keys, chaptsick, whatnot).

On Sunday, I had the first opportunity to use the water belt. My husband and I went to a canal trail for our workout. He ran 10(!) miles while I was just focusing on time. I am doing running/walking intervals and trying to increase my running times ever so slowly.

I was even somewhat color coordinated (actually unintentional!). Note the shirt, it is a somewhat slick workout shirt material. Bad move to use this with the belt. Also, note where on my hips the water belt started.

My first two running bursts I wanted to rip the belt off and throw it in the woods. It kept sliding up and spinning around. The belt would end up about where old men put theirs and the water bottle ended up somewhere unreachable. I tried tightening it twice. Finally I gave up and tightened it as much as could around the smallest part of my waist. Maybe not cute, but it was bearable. The water bottle/holster still slid to the back, but that was ok... since it was so high my arms would have knocked into it otherwise. And there was the swishing sound every time I ran...

But, the belt and I reached some sort of equilibrium and I was grateful to have the water.

Any suggestions for hydration while running?!

Beth :o)

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