Friday, July 13, 2012

Back in black

Heat wave over... yay!!

I didn't run at all last week. I didn't want to risk it in triple-digit heat and running on treadmills doesn't agree with my knees.

But then there was rain, rain and more rain. I can't win!! But finally, Thursday after almost two weeks since my last run, I had an opportunity and I grabbed it. The weather was not too hot and finally no rain.

It was actually a good run. I ran two big loops around the neighborhood for about 3 miles. I even had a little milestone. I actually ran 1.5 miles without taking a walking break! I know that is not much for some of you serious runners out there, but it was huge for me. I am sure I could have done it previously, but I think my brain has finally gotten caught up with my physical abilities. I am sure my extra spin classes and elliptical time have helped my cardio capacity as well.

Anyway, it was nice to get back to running and to have a good run at the same time. I actually don't hate running any more... hard to believe, I know!! Hopefully, the heat this summer won't keep me from running.

Happy running everyone!!

Beth ;o)

Sidenote: Even after losing almost 50 pounds, I hate bathing suit shopping. I tried on quite a few. I am convinced that none of the cute ones are made for anyone over the age of 20 or bigger than a size 6. Boo on that!! I found something that I think will work, but not before getting annoyed in the process!

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