Sunday, April 22, 2012

The right stuff

When it comes to running - or working out - having the right "stuff" is very important. (And yes, I meant to get a New Kids on the Block reference in there!)

Shoes are probably the most important, but having the wrong clothing can be quite annoying.

As I have lost weight and started running, I have picked up some new workout capris that are more fitted and a few new tops. The bottoms I have gotten have turned out great... no problems there. The tops, on the other hand have given me some issues.

Some tank tops slide after I get hot and sweaty. One in particular, I was quite excited about. It was cute (light blue bubble tank top) and easy on the wallet (under $20).

Then, I ran intervals in my new top. Every time I ran, up rode the top and I would have to pull it down every time I walked. It got quite annoying after 30 minutes of that. I decided try out the top in Zumba and then Turbokick. Unfortunately, jumping of any kind produced the same results.

I guess that shirt is resigned to the elliptical machine and other tame workouts. Sigh.

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