Friday, September 21, 2012

Walking around

Almost a week being a little gimpy since I got 12 stitches (on my birthday of all days). I am feeling better with less pain and moving easier. I am covered in residual bandaid sticky, but at least I finally was able to shave my legs!! The world should collectively grateful for that! ;o)

Anyway,  I am trying my best to keep active and healthy. I have been watching my carbs and calories to try to avoid a weight gain while I can't run. Here is a little play by play on how I am handling my 10 days on the sidelines so far.

Day 1: Does getting around the house and in/out of cars count as exercise? I decided to let things heal some before I try to start walking. Splurged on a iced latte with a birthday gift card (thanks Janet!)... at least it was sugar free! ;o)

Day 2: Slightly less than a mile walk (1 small loop) around the neighborhood. Not bad... better than I thought actually. My husband and dog, Lucy, walked with me. And my mother-in-law made me crab cakes for my birthday... sweet!

Day 3: 4.5 miles!! (3 bigger loops around the neighborhood) It went pretty well. My knee started hurting a little, but I think the joint just might have been stiff from lack of movement. I had hubby and puppy for company again. I think I made pretty good food choices.

Day 4: 4.5 miles on the treadmill. I started out slow and increased the speed somewhat slowly. I topped out at 3.4 speed. I tried 3.5 for a bit, but then my leg started to hurt. Packed snacks and dinner for work, but fell victim to a mini cupcake. At least I didn't also try the chocolate frosting covered brownies in the break room!

Day 5: 4.5 miles around the neighborhood... part of the time with the hubby and puppy. Legs felt pretty good. It was nice to enjoy the cooler weather... it almost felt like fall!! A Clif bar snack and pasta with dinner may not have been the best decision for keeping my carbs on the low side... oh well. The rest of the day was pretty good nutritionally.

Day 6: 30 minutes (1.5ish miles) on the treadmill a little faster than I did earlier this week. And I added 30 minutes on the elliptical... it was a nice change of pace and I actually got a little sweaty!! My leg feels fine. Making my own caprese salad for lunch...yum!

Day 7: 31 minutes (1.8ish miles) on the treadmill and 31 minutes on the elliptical. I went a little faster this time. Fixed a salad for dinner. Very excited to get the stitches out on Monday!!

Beth :o)

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