Sunday, September 16, 2012


So, it has been a long time since I have updated the blog. Life gets in the way, but I am determined to make this a weekly place to commiserate with your running struggles by sharing mine and see how I am trying to live a healthier life! That is my goal from here on out.

My healthy living goals got a little sidelined this past Friday. Just after I got out of the shower, I felt overheated. I was already feeling a little dehydrated (gotta drink more water!). I went to leave the bathroom with a glass of water in my hand and I blacked out for a few seconds. (Note to self: No more glassware in the bathroom!!)

I woke up to my husband at the bathroom door asking if I was OK. I apparently fell, hit my head and the glass broke cutting me in a bunch of places. A bump on my head, a bruised ego and 12 stitches later I am healing. Friday was actually my birthday... not the best way to start off my 31st year!!

And apparently, running is frowned upon when you have stitches on your leg. Weights apparently also not a good idea when your other stitches are on your shoulder. Hmm... sidelined for 10 days. I never thought I would be upset by not being able to work out!!

So here's my plan: Walking as much as I can and make sure my eating is on point this week. I don't want to lose muscle or gain any weight if I can help it!

Beth :o)

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