Thursday, June 14, 2012

A hummus problem

I am slightly obsessed with hummus. Some people (i.e. my hubby) might even say I have a problem!

There are much worse foods I could be stuck on. Chickpeas are good, but the tahini does add quite a bit of fat to the dish. But my main problem is what I like to dip in the hummus. These little things called Pretzel Crisps. All well and good if you can stick to the serving size - which I can do, sometimes. I think they are part wheat and part crack! ;)

One thing in my diet that I need to work on is more whole foods like veggies/fruit and less Pretzel Crisps. Maybe my hummus problem wouldn't be that bad if I was dipping cukes or green pepper strips in that hummus (I am partial to the roasted red pepper variety.).

This post is making me hungry! Off to go find some food...

-Beth :)

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