Thursday, June 28, 2012

Summer reprieve

I think summer - its heat and humidity - is going to be the bane of my running existence. Last week was quite hot and I only ran once. Running on a treadmill does not agree with my knees, so I have been trying to avoid that when I can.

I just hate the sticky feeling while running. I sweat a lot... kinda like a large, hairy man. The super hot N.C/Va. summers do not help. My clothing - and hair - gets soaked and I end up sweating into my eyes. Not fun people! I came back from a run the other week and my father-in-law asked if I had jumped in the shower with my clothes on... sigh.

This week, however, I have gotten a reprieve. Typically, I have been doing two short runs (3 miles) and one long run (6 miles) a week. Keep in mind my "runs" do involve some walking breaks... I am not quite up to running the whole time yet. We have been lucky to have two days with only highs in the 80s and I have taken advantage by running two days in a row. This weekend, however, looks like the triple digits will keep me from running my long run. Guess, I will have to stick to finding ways inside the gym (i.e. spin) to get my cardio time in.

Any tips to running in the heat? I have been trying to wear cool clothing, sunscreen and making water available. I really could use some sort of headband to keep try to keep sweat out of my eyes.

Beth :o)

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