Friday, May 4, 2012

All in my head

Running is very much about your physical abillity and getting/staying in shape. But so much of it is mental as well. Your body wants to stop, but you have to force yourself to keep running until the next driveway, finish the next minute or mile.

I always thought it was just me who struggled with these things. It takes a lot for me to stick to my training schedule and I am not even running the whole time.

A lot of regular runners just make it look easy... they are just glowing and bounding along. I always feel like I look like I am on death's door — dripping sweat, out of breath, annoyed and just want to stop.

Apparently, I am not the only one feels this way about running. I have talked about trying to convince myself to run to that next mailbox or finish the block. A couple of people have said to me, "That's running." I guess it is not just me.

I don't think my brain has caught up to what my body can do. That is going to take some adjusting. That is part of the reason I am slowing down my training slightly. I hope my brain will hurry and catch up to the rest of me!

Beth :o)

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