Saturday, May 26, 2012

Moving target

Moving counts as exercise, right?! I have changed jobs and moved...not just moving across the street, but out of state. There has been so much to do... no time... not much sleep... not eating like I should.... not working out as much as I can. Can I have a giant glass of wine on the beach?! Like right now!

I don't love the process of moving. There is still stuff to be moved, but I am starting to get settled in the new job with a new routine. It has been a little hard adjusting since I had been at the same employer for eight years.

Moving didn't really help with my 5K training. But I made it through and the 5K went great! (Race recap and pictures to come.) Somehow my weight has still gone down (not much, but still!) throughout the moving process and I am figuring out a workout routine at my new gym.

Update: Running in shorts is not for me, yet. I tried it and they started riding up within 30 seconds of running on the treadmill... sigh.

Beth :o)

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